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What can you do?
  • Central Dashboard

    A beautifully designed user Interface that keeps all your call logs, voicemail and texts in one place. You don’t have to switch between numbers to see them like a lot of our competitors.

  • SMS to mobile phones

    All numbers in the USA, United Kingdom and Canada currently support SMS. Stay tuned as we are adding SMS to many of our other numbers around the world. Check back for updates.

  • Advanced Do Not Disturb

    You can set a time range for when you don’t want to receive calls such as between 10pm and 9 am. These calls will not ring your phone, they will go straight to voicemail. You can do this for selected numbers or all of your LoudCloud numbers.

  • Number Labels

    To make it easier to sort your calls, voicemails and texts in your central dashboard, we allow you to label your numbers. What’s more, you can filter by your number labels.

  • Pre-call Announcements

    Record a description for one of your numbers like “This is for Sarah at match.com”. When you  turn this on, it will pre­announce your call.  Use this feature for all of your LoudCloud numbers and  you will always know what number is being called and reaching out to you. This feature works well for forwarded calls to your other phones at work or at home.

  • Call Forwarding

    Never miss a call.  If you can’t answer a call on our app, you can have it try up to 2 other numbers like home or work or your cell phone.  This works great with our Pre-call Announcement feature.

A Unique Experience. Yours.

LoudCloud allows users to make and receive calls through a disposable, temporary phone number throughout the world.

Buy a number in 40+ countries.